Friday, April 25, 2008

The beast emerges from its lair

So, all I do during finals is bitch about how busy I am, and how I can't write you a proper post because I'm studying and writing papers and whatall, and then as soon as finals are done I promptly drop offline for a week. What gives?

What gives is that I've been lying around in my robe reading fantasy novels and drinking wine straight from the bottle, and I didn't think you cared.

I did get out of the house yesterday, though, to celebrate the 26th anniversary of my birth. This shall henceforth be known as the Birthday In Which People Bought Me Flowers and I Consumed Too Many Calories. Serious, I don't think I've ever gotten flowers for my birthday, and then this year, blam!

That is THREE sets of flowers. Also, Joel made me breakfast and my landlord and favorite baby took me out for lunch and my parents made me wings and potatoes and caesar salad and pie for dinner. I am a lard.

Speaking of lards, now that finals are over (for me), I've started cooking again, so that we can eat more like this:

and less like this

Ok, maybe kind of both.

Also speaking of lards, rather round-a-boutedly speaking, Facebook has been running this ad for some diet or other, along with this picture:

Does this woman's abdomen not look vaguely androidal to you? Sort of yellowish and plastic? Come on, now. If I'm going to be shamed about my body, I want it to be by another REAL (albeit photoshopped) body. At least grant me that.

Ok, that's it. Maintain radio silence until I do something else interesting.


I AM VERY MARY said...

You're a winner! Please drop your snail mail addy to me: maryann(at)averymarydesign(dot)com & I'll pop your paper in the mail!

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday! I love your floweres!! Lucky girl!