Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Because I love.

I know. I neglect you. But I have nothing to say! I was talking to Joel on the phone, and if the other person hangs up and I keep talking (it happens), the phone just echos what I said back to me. So Joel and I are all, 'Ok, see you in a bit,' and then he hangs up and I say 'Bye' and the phone echos back 'Bye' and I think, 'Man, Joel sounds just like me!'

Arrum...I was looking after Jared again, and he was fussy so I was pulling things out of my purse for him to handle and wave around and bang against each other, and when Dan came through the door Jared was sitting the middle of a pile of pursephenalia - my hand lotion, my glittery lip gloss, my chunky blue bracelet, my compact mirror (not the one with the make-up in it). He's going to grow up a bit of a fem-bot.

Our landlords are going to pop a baby any minute now.

I kick ass at Scramble. Also, I totally suck at it and certain people (named Anna) are killing me.

Easter candy is half-off, except at Zellers where it's only 30% off. Effing Zellers.

I got my first box-o-books from Curled Up With A Good Book, who is going to pay me in books to read those books and review them. It's win-win. There's one called Freefall with a rather, shall we say, ripped gentleman in nothing but jeans and dog tags on the cover, and the whole cover is done up in reddish orange. Joel holds it up, saying 'This'll be a winner.' I'm sure it will.

I've been over-zealous with the inter-library loans, and I feel compelled to read things when the library has them brought in specially because I asked, and final papers are coming up due this week and next and final exams are the week after, so I don't know where I'm going to squeeze in all that reading.

I ate too much pizza.

H'okay, time to settle in. Papers to write and all that. If you want to challenge me to a game of Scramble, I promise I'll be online.

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ramblin'andie said...

Easter Candy was SEVENTY per cent off at the Langley Zellers today.

Nice writing gig. Congrats! We should have a writers group meeting to celebrate. Maybe when you're ready to lend out the book with the dogtags?

You should bring Jared over to play with Davey. Being as all his friends are girls, he's very, very knowledgeable in the whole makeup thing. They could do makeovers on each other...