Friday, April 11, 2008

Silver lining?

Our landlords went off yesterday to have themselves a bitty baby girl. Squeeee! While they are busy increasing the population, Joel and I are looking after their bitty dog.

Now, me, I like me a big dog. I like them all huggable and thick, kind of like this:

See? 'Durrrrrrrrrrrr.'

On the other hand, bitty dogs are great in that A., they make Joel look comically oversized,

and B., when they shit on the carpet (twice, even though the second time you were gone for less than twenty minutes) they have tiny, marble-like shits that you can practically flick across the room at each other. Not that we did. For reals, that's gross.


Rebekah said...

joel gives the muppy a big "thumbs up" in that photo

trish said...

I have bitty dogs and it's nice to have bitty dogs 'cause their dingleberries aren't that bad...