Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My stomach is broke

Something is wrong with my body. I used to be able to eat a bag of chips without batting an eyelash. Remember that, former roommates? Remember when I would make cookies, and then I would eat half the dough before it was cooked, and then I would eat half the cookies that came out, because they are only hot-and-fresh once, and so each batch would end up being only, like, six cookies?

And maybe it's because the only exercise I get these days is my furtive typing, and all the hilariously intense games of Dynomite I play when I just can't take it anymore, and so my body has decided to fight its own battle by refusing to take in any more calories (read: digest any food) because I eat half a box of Ritz Crisps, or whatever, and I'm nauseous. Serious, I feel like I could last for DAYS on a single bowl of cereal, which would be awesome if A. I lived in a third-world country, or B. I was too busy to eat, or C. my house wasn't full of study-friendly snacks in anticipation of impending finals, or D. I hated eating.

None of these things is true.

All I want to do is snack myself into oblivion, and then make nachos, but I can hardly manage half a bagel. WebMD was no help - there was no 'is never hungry and is in fact often over-full' on the symptom checker.

Maybe I should get up of my damn chair and go for a brisk walk.

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