Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Buenos dias, kids!

Clearly, since we flew out a whole three days ago and I am only just now logging on, my intarnets here in the Mexico will be slim to nada. Blogger was talking to me in Spanish, and I tried to get on but it was all, Que? Who the hell are you? And then it logged me off for no good reason. But then it switched to English and here I am.

The weather thus far has been moderate, by which I mean cold. We're quite close to the water (the other day we drove the truck up ONTO THE BEACH and then grumbled because there were, like, ten other people on the beach...they left right away) which keeps things cool. Unfortunately, I was thinking that August + Mexico = hotness and shorts. My one zip-up's looking a little ratty.

Greg and Alyson (the couple that's letting us live in their spare room and tag along with them) have four cats and a rather earnest half-cocker-spaniel which, apart from my total loathing of cats, is kind of awesome. At any given point there's something else breathing and sleeping a foot from your face.

We've been doing a lot of sitting the past few days - we sat in the car/plane/van all day Saturday, on the beach all day Sunday, and then jaunting from errand to errand yesterday. Apparently, things will get really busy next week, but for right now we're mostly eating tacos and doing aerobics in someone's basement.

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