Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I return!!

You see, my friendlings? This is the dilemma. When I have all kinds of internets time, I just sit here wondering whether I should blog about how I only pooped once in my first week here (but I threw up twice!!). When I'm busy doing interesting things, then I have not internets time.

Ok, firstly, I would love mucho to throw a bunch of pictures up here, but I've spent the last twenty minutes just trying to get online and get blogger up, so you'll just have to check my facebook later (if it ever loads). Many sorrows.

Now. Friends, there were dolphins. There's a beach just by here that we like to drive the truck up onto after a long day of house-building (read: today and yesterday) or on a sunny weekend (read: three days ago), and Joel and Greg boogy-board while Alyson and I sleep in the sand. So Joel and Greg are out the other day, frolicking in the waves, and all of a sudden THERE ARE DOLPHINS! There were seriously maybe fifty feet back of the boys, and they were splashing and cavorting like dolphins do. I wanted to swim out and hug one, but supposedly dophins hate that. Who knew?

Alyson's hilarious aunt and uncle were out last week, and so we joined their group on Friday night for dinner at Gaston's, a little restaurant ON THE BEACH! And there were ribs and I had ribs and the ribs, people. Ribs. Joel had something fish-like, and I had ribs. Also, Gaston's has cats in order that Gaston's will not have rats, and so we're eating and we're watching the sun set over the water and there are cats and baby kittens frolicking just outside. Smooches.

We had tacos at a little stand by the road and Joel tried covertly to get a picture of this little Mexican girl in pigtails and a purple dress. We got one, but she looks daft, so I won't post it.

Also, you know what is fun? Dance Dance Revolution. You know what is exhausting, and will also make me feel foolish? It is the eye-feet coordination that is hard. And sweaty. And hilariously exerting. And a poor post-ribs activity.

I had many stories, but they are gone. Joel and I have been building a house for the last two days, so amusing updates are on their way. But the office is shutting down, so I'm out.

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