Thursday, July 24, 2008


So, we've continued to do our exercise/contortions but we've moved them up to the unholy hour of seven in the am. So I'm leaving our endeavors this morning, and THERE ARE GOATS! BEING HERDED! THROUGH THE STREETS! Have I mentioned that there are goats? There are goats living right across from Greg and Alyson, so we would hear them bleating throughout the day, and books always talk about the gentle bleating of the goats or the lowing of the cows or all the other soothings sounds of the barnyard, but NONE OF THE SOUNDS ANIMALS MAKE ARE SOOTHING! They always sound pissed.

Also, there are dogs. Everyone in Mexico has, like, eight dogs, and they aren't as mangy as Thailand dogs because these dogs all belong to someone, but that doesn't make them any less free-range and gross. The other day Joel and I were walking to a friend's house and suddenly behind us, on stealthy feet of death, is a giant St Bernard. Like, a giant one. Dogs are everywhere.

The house we're sitting for now (the lucious one) has a short-legged, long-bodied hilarious dog whom I love, even though she refuses to eat anything but canned cat food and table scraps. This is the only house I can think of where that would fly (see: yesterday's references to four-poster bed and massage chairs). It's bizarre living here, because, even though the owners had to leave all of a sudden and their fridge is full of food, there's nothing to eat. Unless I want to stir-fry myself up some tofu and stone-milled barley. And grapefruit.

We went to the Dulceria (sweet shop) the other day, which is, like, a mighty fortress of treats, and bought ourselves a massive bag of Mexican candy (for $7). We've been mostly living off of that and trying to ignore the 100 Immunity Boosters and What Would Jesus Eat cookbooks lying hither and thither. Because I doubt that they encourage downing handfuls of MuBons, which are the poor man's Ferrero Rocher.

It is time for le church now (Thursday AND Sunday nights, with prayer on Tuesdays and Fridays), so I'll have to leave off. We've been hanging out with obscenely cute Mexican children, but I forgot my camera, so no doe-eyed faces for you.

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