Thursday, July 10, 2008

Did you know that...

...cocker spaniels are prone to epilepsy? Like German Shepherds are with...that hip thing. You know what I mean.

So Greg and Alyson's aggressively friendly cocker spaniel is sitting on the back of the chair yesterday like she does, because all the cats around have her kind of thinking she's feline, and suddenly she tumbles off and is twitching on the floor. And this was, like, a good six-minute seizure, and all we could do was stroke her and gaze soulfully into her eyes and try to communicate osmotically that it was going to be ok. Because dogs don't speak English or Spanish, and they come out of seizures all confused.

Is this not bizarre? Epilepsy is a people disease, no? The things you learn.

The weather remains cloudy and Joel and I remain slightly lazy and mostly unoccupied. Joel helped put up a fence yesterday, and I made a strawberry-and-cream tart.


Jacki said...

Well aren't you productive!

Ms Unger said...

My brother met a dog once who had asthma, and he fakes asthma attacks whenever he feels he's not getting attention.