Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rent-free and loving it

Greets, ones and alls, from my in-laws' guest room. Let the living-from-suitcases commence! Except that, as we have not yet left the Lower Mainland, there is still the danger of rain and the necessity to stomp around in the attic swearing and trying to figure out where we stored our jackets.

Part of what took us so long the other day to clean our suite was the several-hour break we took to go to the zoo. For free. Where I petted a giraffe. And a donkey. And the hippo came out to play. And also the baby lemurs. And I was quite aggressively ignored by some sort of ram.

Yesterday, I fell into the no-deadline-sleep-trap. It was mid-afternoon and, for the first time in ages, I had nothing that urgently needed completing. So I napped. And then this morning, I slept until 9. Oh, my purposeless, sleep-filled life.

At least I'm not picking nits out of anyone's ass.

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