Friday, July 04, 2008

Cirque du shebang!

Well, after staying unexpectedly at our landlords' house with no changes of underwear because we can't be bothered to plan ahead, we are now staying at my parents' house with no changes of underwear and NO TOOTHBRUSHES because we hadn't thought that, since we had to be in Vancouver today anyways, it might be prudent to sleep over here after we went to CIRQUE DU SOLEIL last night!!! Squeeeeeeeee!!

Cirque was everything I wanted it to be and so much more. Women draped from chandeliers, people hanging from improbable parts of other people's bodies, people in flowing robes, people with feet like hands and fingers like biceps. My mind, people. She is blown.

Cirque is 100% worth the money, even though you may have to sell your firstborn child (or, use Joel's grad-present-money) to get in. Everything is so finely tuned and sharply honed and how do you put that much faith in someone's flexed foot? There are no nets!!!! No nets.

Speaking of no nets (in a roundabout fashion), I need to go finish packing my bags because we are flying out tomorrow! Adios, amigos. See you in Mexico...or in August.

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Jane said...

I KNOW! Wasn't that chandelier part breathtaking?