Friday, November 20, 2009


Things in the mail yip yip yip! 

Ok, so the whole issue of internet-friends vs. real-friends has kind of gotten blurred for me by this point.  Stephanie is a real friend who I have never met in person.  Yet.  Also, she had Cancer of the Ta-Tas this time last year.

I didn't really know Stephanie that well before all these shenanigans, but back in August when the doctors were all, Hrmm hmmm we think you might have cancer, I emailed her all, Hey, I know I don't know you very well but the doctors think I might have cancer and what do I do?

And then I emailed her again when they wanted to cut me open, and then I emailed her again when we found that I had cancer on the real.  And through all this she emailed me every few days to say kind and encouraging things and and talk me down from my Tree of Panic then tell me hilarious stories about her biopsy (this after mine almost made me faint).  It turns out that long, pokey needles give you the almost-yacks across the board.

Aaaanyhoodle, she emailed a bit ago to tell me she'd sent me a 'little something' in the mail, and then today I got a BOX but I was running out the door to catch a bus and the whole time I was out I was all Eeeeee I have a present at home!  (I am ridiculous about presents.)

So I get home and open it and there are THESE THINGS:

A Bookmarks magazine, which everyone always raves about but which I've been too poor to buy, a copy of the Cake Wrecks book, the site of which has been part of my daily larf for ages and the book of which Joel is leafing through as we speak, and then Jen Lancaster's Such A Pretty Fat: One Narcissist's Quest to Discover if Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, or, Why Pie is Not the Answer which I have heard good things about and also, UNREASONABLY LONG TITLES!!  AMUSEMENTS!

And then also some chompy monster magnets that act as bookmarks, and then also exotic coffee!  And I know that 75% of you are all, Dude, it's just Dunkin' Donuts but we do not have a Dunkin's in Canada and now 90% of you are all, Dude, it's just from the Merica and didn't you used to live, like, half an hour from the border and didn't you used to LIVE IN THE MERICA?  But at least 10% of you are with me in this, all, SQUEEEEEEEEEE treats from other countries!!

Not pictured there is this cranky mug:

Because I am using it.  It is perfectly shaped for my hands.

Stephanie!  It has been raining all day and I got stuck downtown in the wrong jacket and I don't even care.  I am filled with delight (also, coffee).  Many, many thanks.


Amy said...

That is awesome! Stephanie's a winner!

Stephanie said...

Yay! So glad you got it (and that the coffee mug made it in one piece)! I didn't realized that you don't have DD coffee in Canada - poor thing!

Sandy Nawrot said...

I am sort of embarrassed to say that I have a tear in my eye! The two of you are something. You are both the perfect example of the power of a woman, and also the power of a girlfriend. That Stephanie is a keeper.