Friday, November 27, 2009

In Memoriam

Weep!  Oh, lament for the Little White Car that was.  Mourn its tight turning radius.

Take comfort in the trips that were, in the journey to The Gorge to see Dave Matthews and then back again that same night, in which we were pulled over twice. 

Delight in the voyage to Seattle to see the Woodland Zoo hippos (more plentiful than Vancouver's own), and the side-trip to the outlet malls in Tulalip on the way home where I bought my black Roxy flats, which I wear to this day.

Rejoice that we did not die that time we got caught in a blizzard on the way home from Washington.

Though it was a near thing.

Marvel that we survived the trip to Victoria in the Great Inconvenient Snowfall of '08.

Ponder how much snow this lower-mainland car has seen.

Oh Little White Car.  I will not miss the way the seatbelt on your passenger side didn't retract so that it always got caught in the door.  I will not miss your lack of air conditioning or cruise control.  I will not miss the HNNNNNNN sound that your right blinker made, or the shhhk shhhhk shhhhk shhhhhk sound that we could never place.  I will not miss the way that, no matter how dressed up we got, you always made us look like po' white trash.

But I will miss putting my feet on your dashboard.  Enjoy the scrap heap.

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Rebekah Joy Plett said...

Joel has about 300 smile lines on each side of his face.