Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blogging is hard

The new druglings aren't as shiny and helpful as I hoped, so I have the raging aches again.  It's like I'm coming down with the flu every evening, only I never actually get it.  Ah me.

Also, it looks like my radiation won't be until the new year, and I'm pushing for late January so that I don't have to go on a low-iodine diet over Christmas (low iodine = no salt and no dairy and no processed foods and no fun).

Also, our basement has flooded and so the troll has dug two enormous holes beside the house.  I'm not totally sure why the holes, but they keep him busy and he seems less pissed at us now.

I need to blog earlier in the day when I have not got the glooms.

1 comment:

carlnienhuis said...

Oh Rachel, it is good to be honest about the glooms. I also hope you don't have to go on your low-iodine diet pre-Christmas because I can think of few worse moods to be in BEFORE starting radiation than to have to watch every nibble over CHRISTMAS. Internet hugs that will squish you coming your way from me.