Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Alright, this is usually the part of the game where I would eulogize our little white car (may peace be upon it) which we took to the scrap heap yesterday, but instead I would like to complain about Canadian Tire.  Should you, dear friend, ever find yourself in our neighborhood with car trouble, you might be tempted to pull into the Candian Tire.  It is SO CLOSE!  I adjure you, dear friend.  Push your car, if you have to, that extra couple of miles to Somewhere Else.

So, the Kruegers bought a new car and gave us their old car, so that we could get rid of OUR old car, and then Joel went to insure what is now our new car, and then drove it straight to Canadian Tire, because what is this thing it is doing?  And the guy at the Tire was all Hrrm harrum belt hmmm hum missing teeth hhhhem needs to be replaced immediately, cost you about $900.

And I'm not going to tell you what we pay for rent every month, but it is NOT VERY MUCH MORE THAN THAT!  So nearly a month's rent to fix our veeeehickle?  Alas.

But then Joel's dad hopped the ferry this morning to come have a look-see, and replaced a doo-hicky here and a whazzit there and one long day later, the car runs like a top.  The 'belt' had all its 'teeth' and also that was not the problem.  *sigh. of. rage*

So...we have a new car now!  That's thrilling.  It has twice as many doors.  If we come to pick you up, I will not have to get out so that you can get in.  Also, it is a full four years younger than our old car, so you can suck it, 1988.  I will probably eulogize Little White Car tomorrow, though, because I am ensaddened to see it go.  I have an over-active nostalgia muscle.


ramblin'andie said...

The other day all of us preschool parents had a hate in for Canadian Tire's Automotive Department. Glad to hear they're consistent in their crappiness.

leah boldt said...

sad to see little white buddy gone, but glad to see you and j have finally joined the "canadian tire licks and i will give it the finger every time we drive by it" club. you guys will have to take up our slack while we are in prague.