Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do me this one favor

Can you all please start watching Glee so that we can talk about how awesome last week's episode was, how it was overflowing with everything that is great about the show (Kurt hitting a high-F, Rachel being told she's irritating, teamwork solving everything, the pathos of Kurt's mechanic-dad dealing with Kurt's gayness, the kind-of-sweetness that is how much Puck wants to take care of his baby-mama, wheelchair dancing, Principal Figgins) and how it was totally devoid of everything that is wrong with the show (Mrs Schuester, the whole fake-pregnancy storyline entirely, Emma and Mr Schue making dopey eyes at each other, uninspired numbers with no real choreography, that fake-pregnancy bit, Mr Schue rapping, fake pregnancies)?



Jane said...

We can talk!
You can splain things to me.

LOVED the wheelchair number.

Miss you.

Jen said...

I stinkin' love Glee. Although I'm sorely confused why Quinn is busting Finn for money since Mrs. Schuester said she'd pay for everything. Finn is HOT. and Puck is totally trying to be responsable and that's HOTTT. Can I just say that Glee is set in Ohio?? REPRESENT. (even if none of it is actually filmed in Ohio.)
I love that Kurt sacrificed the high F so that his Dad wouldn't get more harrassment. He's far too jealous of Rachel. and Will is a Spanish teacher????? You gotta love that.
Ohio + Spanish + Music = What more could you ask for??
ok. I'm done gushing.

Ky said...

I watch glee (and completely crazy-butt love it), but I was really unimpressed with that last episode for the way it treated disability. I wrote about it here, if you're interested: