Saturday, May 14, 2011

I wish it was Thursday.

When boo and I found out we were going to New York back in November, there were still HUNDREDS of days before take-off.  Now there are six.

Six! Days!  I feel like all these little guys.

Graphic stolen shamelessly from sister.  I am nervous and excited and mostly trying to hurry time along faster.  But then I have all these things to do before I go to the mainland on Thursday, and Wednesday just got verrrry busy.  I will have to pack on Tuesday.  What to pack!?  What to wear!?!  It is cloudy in New York right now, and 19 degrees.


ramblin'andie said...

A hundred million years ago, I was in New York at the end of May. It was muggy. And rained at a moment's notice. Not unlike Victoria this weekend. Pack an umbrella unless you want to have to buy one from a street vendor. Layers are nice. Don't wear a mini skirt and heels when you walk through the italian district or on the subway. Trust me on this one.

Jane said...

I was there in June two years ago. It was muggy and rained at a moment's notice. DOWNPOURLIKE rain. Pack an umbrella.
If you're going to fall headfirst onto the pavement in front of a stoop where many men are loitering, you'll be glad you've decided against the mini skirt and heels.

Trust ME on this one.

blackbird said...

And, please to note: Le Centre De Javits est tray fwa.
Bring a cardi.

blackbird said...

Also, I think The Italian District is gone.