Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where were we? Oh yes. New York: Day Three

The second day of aggressive sight-seeing is always more exhausting than the first day, because your capacity for absorption (and walking) is waning and you haven't yet built up the stamina of later days.  So.  This day was the most exhausting.

But also exciting!  Because we went to Central Park and rode the carousel (which is sadly no longer a dollar.  Two-fifty is still a cheap ten-minute ride, but there's something satisfying about paying a lone dollar).

On our way into Central Park we were besieged by those guys who try to sell you carriage rides, and one guy told Bekah that her purse made her look very sexy (so...without the purse she is an unsexy hag?).

We unexpectedly came upon a statue of Hans Christian Anderson reading The Ugly Duckling to a duckling

and to us

and then found the Alice in Wonderland statue.  We had to linger some twenty minutes to get a photo of it without any kids clambering on it, and then we had to be quick because a new flock of kids would usually climb up as the last flock was climbing down.  There was no lag time.

and then we climbed on it

We went to the Met and this is where exhaustion kicked in, because it is SO LARGE.  And maze-like.  And there is many an art.  This one installation of tiny people on a wall caught our eye, and we both spent a bizarre few minutes trying to get a 'good' photo of it without being sure what a 'good' photo would be, which is why we now have a dozen photos between us of this one thing and we're still not sure what we were trying to capture.


Then we walked down 5th Ave and Madison Ave and Parks Ave to see the old robber baron mansions that have been converted into apartments and Japanese consulates.

Thence to Grand Central Station, which was yuuuge

but had disappointing and expensive gelato.  Green apple should not taste like pear.  It should be tart.

Then we wandered back to our hostel, picking up a falafel on the way (Vancouver, whither thy street food carts?) and a couple of cheesecakes to smuggle into our room.

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