Monday, May 30, 2011

New York: Day Two: The More Longerer Version

Ok.  We tried to find MOOD again in the daylight but were still thrown off by the scaffolding and also being wrong about where it was.  But we did find the Macy's and the wooden escalator, AND we found the H+M (it was right next to the Macy's.  For the record, Macy's is a terrible marker because it is a block long and wraps around both sides, so later when you go back to find that breakfast place [this was before we realized that every deli does some sort of breakfast] you won't remember which bit of Macy's you meant 'across from') AND we thought we'd found the flea market, but it was more fleas than market and later we discovered it was not the flea market we'd been looking for.

And then we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and it was hot and lovely and took only half the time the internet said it would.

And then we got lost in Brooklyn and got lost again and found a train and tried to make a connection and got lost again and then found the train to Coney Island and that was almost better than finding Coney Island itself.  Except that the train didn't have freaks, and Coney Island did.

also hot dogs

The freak show was super, with a fire-eater and a sword-eater and a hypnotist and a KNIFE-THROWER WHO SET A GUINNESS RECORD WHILE WE WATCHED (the Guinness guy was there and everything) by throwing 78 knives in a Ladder of Death around TWO girls in less than a minute.  I know.  The knife-thrower was the most impressive but also the most watched-through-fingers-due-to-terror-and-liveness-of-show-and-potential-for-actual-death.

And then as we were darting out to the beach to dip our feet in the Atlantic (or whatever) we heard a caller for a $2 freak show and amigos?  You get what you pay for.  The woman was turrrrrible.  A boring performer, a stumbling banterer, a 'Hey guys, do you want me to stomp on this box full of glass?  Cause I'll do it.  I'll...hey guys!  Guys!  I'll do it, don't think I wont!'  We finally gave up all hope on it getting better (i.e. her leaving the stage) and consoled ourselves with Bekah's first funnel cake.
 nothing a little deep-fried sugar can't cure

And then we went home and bought some apples at the market and the market-guy told us we were going to kill all the mens, and we were like, What?  No!  And he was like, Because you have all much beauty!  And we were like, Ahhhh, yes.  Well.  And then we felt uncomfortable and went home to bed.

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