Monday, May 02, 2011

Two things.

Yesterday I ran!

Personal record by about 10 seconds, EVEN THOUGH I stopped to walk twice because the new route is all hills and running hills gives me the vomits.  But there was a guy in full hockey equipment (hockey socks, hockey shorts, shoulder pads, Canucks jersey, helmet, those flags you put in car doors taped to his helmet) right behind me the whole time and every time he would pass me I'd have to run harder, because you can't let a man in full hockey gear beat you when you are just carrying your own weight.

Also?  Those t-shirts are the most generic running-event t-shirts of my life.

Today I voted!

[No photo.  They frown on that sort of thing in voting stations.]

I feel very civic.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Voting!

Were there a lot of people at the run? I got stuck behind them while I was on a bus home and we waited for quite a while. (I didn't mind, though, since I had a book.) I heard it was the biggest turn-out yet..?

And have you heard yet? The TC book sale is happening the 14th and 15th! I'm so excited!