Monday, May 30, 2011

New York: Day One: The Extended Version

New York!  We went.  It was bananas.  I don't even know how to blog this, so I'm just going to go until I reach a breaking point and then stop.  Dealsies?

pre-travel early am faces

Ok so we flew in on a Friday, and caught the bus and then the train and this was before we knew there might be elevators and before we knew you could go through the service doors if you had bags so we lugged our suitcases up and down many a flight of stairs and Bekah got stuck on the top of a turnstile because she was trying to lift her bag over it while she went through it.  The LOLS!

post-travel faces

On our way from the train to the hostel we went the wrong way twice, were asked for directions twice, were asked if we were Jewish once, and if a guy's hat looked good with his outfit.  It was a very busy seven blocks.

Times Square is very dull and billboardy during the day and since it was only 7 or so we had pizza (and were all stoked because this pizza place was across the street from our hostel.  This is before we realized you can't swing a dead cat in New York without hitting a pizza place) and wandered up to be dazzled by the lights at night.

the lights, but you've already seen this photo

Everyone wants to sell you comedy tickets in Times Square, which is why we actively avoided it after dark.  They are insistant.

And also that night we went to Madison Square Gardens (like, the outside bit) and wandered down 37th looking for MOOD and couldn't find it because of the dark and the scaffolding and also we were misinformed vis a vis it's location.  And then we went back to our dodgy hostel with its rickety beds, about more which another time.

I'mma end this post here for tidiness' sake.

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