Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New York: Day Six

Computer unhappy, blogging from iGadget just to reassure my mom that we're still kicking. Due to computer moods unable to upload photos of pulled pork and hush puppies. Your loss,but also mine because they are eaten and I will never see their like again.

Book snatching restrained to a modest twenty-eight today.


Tikabelle said...

Mmmmm pulled pork.

You know they have weight limits on checked baggage, right? :D

Mum said...

Omg!!!! I just mentioned to Dad that I needed to check yr blog to see that yr ok!!! Thnx R! We've been watching the weather over there Couldn't be more perfect for u guys.

Just got back to our hotel from Fabric Depot in Portland. Largest fabric store in the country! I'm dizzy from all the options! Did u two get to Mood?

Can't wait to hear all about yr trip!