Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stupidly long posts is what I get for not blogging.

Oh blog, where have you been.

Ok so I was out of town.  And while all the places I was at (my parents' house, my sister's house, my in-laws' house) have The Intertubes, I couldn't seem to muster up the moxie to blog.  But I'm here now!

So.  Wednesday I went to the mainland and boo and I went shopping and it was terrible and we were largely unsuccessful.  Mall, why do you fail us when we need you most?

And then Wednesday night I slept over at boo and Darren's and Thursday morning Georgie thought I was a burglar and then when she realized I wasn't she got so excited she peed.  Boo and I read and took a nap and watched Clue and had plum platz for second-breakfast and then more platz for after-lunch and then took another nap and watched Arrested Development and made cookies and had those for dinner.

There was a lot of this

and some this

and no small amount of this.

In lieu of children or dolls, Georgie is our plaything.  And then on Friday I went to visit my Small Byrd and her Baby Byrd and nibble on the baby's cheeks because look at them.

Robyn and I ran errands because we are errand-running champions.

And then Joel came out and on Saturday we went for Mother's Day brunch and to the park and again with the this

and this

and this.

And then on Sunday we went to Chilliwack for other Mother's Day and went for a hike but Joel left the camera in the car, alas.  Pretend there are pictures of us looking slightly sweaty but very healthy.

Oooh, and!  Remember that season of Project Runway that stupid Gretchen won that Mondo SHOULD have won?  Gillian got me a Mondo shirt for my birthday!

It is COLORIFFIC.  The pattern that looks grey is actually VERY BLUE.

And, AND!  We got our iPad2!  No pictures, because Joel is off somewhere playing with it.  It is infinitely play-with-able.

Now I am home, and off to go remind Boston Pizza that they want to hire me.

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