Monday, January 30, 2012

I win. For now.

We discovered inadvertently over the weekend that Eleanor loves laying on her back on a hard surface. Like the coffee table, or the kitchen counter. She LOVES it, I'm not kidding. She fusses? Toss her on the floor.

Anywoot, this preference may not last long but for NOW it's a fun trick. And we recently came into some Eleanor-directed funds, so today I bought her an activity gym off of the craigslist.

By the time we got home from picking it up, she was hungry and her diaper was full, but NEW TOY. I put her on it just to see. She kept trying to pitch a fit, but then she'd be distracted by a flashing light or a dangly monkey or something.

Why I oughta - oooh, a giraffe!


blackbird said...

Babys. Sometimes evil.

Rhiannon said...

hahahahahahahahah, toss her on the floor! LOVE IT!