Friday, January 13, 2012

This is the same one, I'm sure of it.

Her feet are the weirdest.  I mean, they're weird because they're still scaly and the toes look too long, like freaky accidental monkey feet, but they're mostly weird because they were the one body part I could identify when she was On The Inside.  I'd be poking her and be like, This is maybe a shoulder?  And this is the bum?  Or a Braxton-Hicks contraction.  But THIS.  This is a foot.

That and the hiccups, which she gets ALL THE TIME.  And maybe it's because I had a c-section and didn't push her out myself, and maybe it's because I was SUPER-HIGH during that c-section and don't remember much of it, but it took a while for her to feel like she was mine and not just some baby I'd been given to look after for a minute.  But she'll be nursing and then she'll kick me in the gut with her too-long-toed scaly foot, and then careen off into a round of hiccups like a tiny drunk, and I'm all, Ah yes.  I remember you.


blackbird said...

(Knocking on computer screen)

HI EL!!!!

Reading Rambo said...

Your baby is hilarious and awesome and has awesome scaly feet.

That is all.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I love the pictures of her you have been posting. She's so adorable, and so SMALL!

Vasilly said...

She is so adorable! Keep the posts coming, Raych!

alitareads said...

It's like she's trying VERY hard to figure out what that thing in the middle of her face is.

It's a nose, baby El. And don't worry, you have a cute one.

Jeane said...

She's so darn cute! And my baby has long toes too.

J.Symes said...

that facial expression, pretty amazing. You and Joel have MADE a little person! and she is a BEAUTY!