Sunday, April 01, 2012

If she would just stay one size for, like, THREE DAYS.

Our family and friends have been extremely generous clothing-wise (especially, hilariously, my sister's mother-in-law) and Eleanor's wardrobe is VAST and VARIED. She has a lot of very amusing, brightly-colored pants, for example.

But while she has positively boxes of clothes, she only really ever has a handful of things that fit her at any given time. So I tend to start her in things while they are still slightly large (super-large if they are these jammies my aunt Sandy gave her, because HOW SO ADORABLE):

and then sometimes I let the laundry get ahead of me and there's nothing either fitted or large to put her in, so she ends up wearing a onesie so small we can't do up the top button and she looks like a lounge singer.

Which she takes very seriously.

Darling little April fool.

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Vasilly said...

Do you see the look on E's face on the first picture?! At that very second, she was either passing gas or you pissed her off. :-)