Sunday, August 05, 2012

Costco will make suckers of us all.

They are gone. I am sad. Eleanor looks around for them when she comes up from her nap, and I cry a little bit. Let us remember happier times, yes?

Ok so remember how Eleanor is a dragon? A refresher:

So we're at Costco, buying me a Dyson (sidebar: *purrrrrrrr*) and we see a rack of Halloween costumes and we are all scornful like, HALLOWEEN COSTUMES? Pffffft. It is August.

But then my sister is like, But how cute is this little ladybug? And then we start combing through the racks and we're like, Look at this little tiger? And a lion, rawwwwr. And then my mum gets to the end of the rack and lo.

She is a dragon indeed.


blackbird said...

It isn't Costco that makes us suckers....

Anna said...

Eleanor = so cute. And family visitors leaving = so sad. *hugs*

trish said...

She fills out the belly part quite nicely.