Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eleanor rocks. She also, if you give her a nudge, rolls.

We went camping yesterday, which I will blog about maybe tomorrow because OMG CHILD, I AM GOING TO MAYBE SELL YOU ON EBAY A LITTLE BIT.

But. Tonight I wish to discuss the first-worldiest of problems: WHICH PHOTO OF ELEANOR GNAWING A ROCK DO I POST ON MY INTERNETBLOGTHING.

Pensive Eleanor With Rock?

Hey Guys, Come Check Out This Rock?

Eleanor Chewing A Rock, Also Those Arm-Rolls?

Seriously, How Is Your Aim That Bad, It Is A Rock?

Smug Eleanor With Rock?

Gollumeanor With (Precious) Rock?

Ahhhh, perhaps I will keep her.

1 comment:

blackbird said...

Get a box.
Call UPS.
Ship her here. Just for a few days.