Thursday, August 16, 2012

The park (redux)

Remember that time Eleanor went to the park and was like, Ugh?

Many (many) practice-swings later, and she is finally getting the hang of enjoying it.

Going down the slide she could take or leave (I'm not sure she notices what's going on. I think that for her, the whole WORLD is a slide still), but then yesterday we set her down in a hill of rocks.


Guys, I cannot talk to you right now, I have to organize these rocks.

In a very un-Eleanor-like fashion, she didn't even really try to eat the rocks (although she DID slip a bunch down the back of her shirt, possibly for secret eating).

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Reading Rambo said...

Your baby is my favorite of babies. My first niece is going to be born in like four days, so that will then be tested, but ELEANOR STILL MIGHT WIN.