Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Four things! Four!

1. One of things I wanted mum and boo's help with was decorating Eleanor's room. I'd made an alphabet for her, but all that modge-podging done wore me out and I had nothing left for the hanging thereof.

Eleanor supervised us from her chair like a tiny overlord.

Nine of the letters have since fallen down, but that's less than half so I'm counting it a win.

2. We went on our third quest last weekend to find Jelly Modern Donuts (the previous two quests ended in food trucks and festivals).

The peach crisp and maple bacon were edible but not transcendent.

On the other hand, behold: the tiniest cowpoke.

3. Standing, right? It's just a thing she does now. She's pretty smug about it.

4. We're still pretty keen on broccoli.


Reading Rambo said...


In like '97 I had some overall shorts that were PREtty snazzy.

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

I like how Eleanor is able to stand well enough, but when she's laying down, her head is still too heavy to crawl around with.

Shari said...

Girl after my own heart, love the foodie adventures!