Monday, August 27, 2012

She has to get the hang of this EVENTUALLY. Right?

Eleanor has finally gotten the hang of daytime sleeps and her nighttime sleeps have been aces since we moved to Calgary and she got her own room (I MEAN, I ASSUME. Own room, after all) but her traveling sleeps continue to be So Terrible.

So we drove an hour to go camping because Banff and Kananaskis and etc is all right there and we found a little campsite and set up our tent and drove 10 minutes to Canmore and hiked the Grassi Lakes Trail to find THIS LAKE

and also THIS ONE

and through it all, Eleanor was like, Yes I will nap here while you climb dangerous steps

yes I will eat this rock

yes I will play in the stream

yes I will lick daddy's ear

and then I fed her and put her in her playpen in the tent and she went to sleep almost IMMEDIATELY and I was Very Relieved but also expected her to wake up in a few hours when we went to bed but HA HA SHE WOKE UP HALF AN HOUR LATER.

And cried and cried and cried, and I can let her cry at home but I felt weird doing it at a campsite, you know? So we let her go for a bit and then brought her out and she was in A State.

So she hung out with us by our fire until WE were ready for bed, and I put her back in her playpen and she cried and cried so I took her into my sleeping bag and fed her for an hour and it was, like, 10 pm by this point and she'd been up for AGES but every time I looked down to see if she was nodding off, there she was, giving me these eyes:

You remember those eyes. Those are not sleepy eyes. And I was like UGH and Joel's like, Are you going to be ok? And I am like, SO ANGRY WITH THIS BABY and he was like, We can always pack up and go home. And I wanted to stick it out but in my head I could picture her NOT SLEEPING AT ALL THE WHOLE NIGHT and me also not sleeping and she just sucks at travel-sleeping SO MUCH. So we packed up and came home and it was probably the right decision because we had a great Sunday instead of a shitty, unslept one.

And then today we schmeared ourselves with whipped cream because LOL.


Ms Unger said...

a thing people do in the winter at grassi lakes, that is genius, is to hike up the 'easy' path with crazy carpets and then slide down!

Anonymous said...

I am still terrible at traveling sleeps, so here's hoping Eleanor is a faster learner than I am.

blackbird said...

Maybe she's like her aunt blackbird and doesn't LIKE tents.

Anonymous said...

I would've eventually put out my babies on a wooded trail with a sign that said "free cubs to good mama bear home." Or, you know, taken them home. Whatever.

Sara C said...

I have never commented here because, really, I'm sure I have no business reading your hilarious blog about your gorgeous baby. But I just had to say - my eldest, who is now 7, would NOT sleep if I was in the same space with her. We once stayed up all night (both of us, quietly feigning sleep but definitely not sleeping) while travelling. Unfortunately for you, she was over 2 at the time. I do so hope Eleanor figures it out before then.

Anna @ hiddenponies said...

Oh, I recognize those eyes. Worst eyes a baby can give you :( Good thing she looks so good in whipped cream, a lovely man will take her off your hands in due time.

Reading Rambo said...

I would like you to know that despite stories like this, your blog gives me a completely rosy picture of babies and the raising of them. Because it's like "LOOK HOW HILARIOUS THEY ARE" and not *cries* "I'm just so tired, you guys. So tired."

Which is what I hear from others.