Saturday, August 11, 2012

It all evens out anyway.

So we went for a 'hike,' which, I mean, it's Calgary. It's basically a prairie. So we went for a woodsy wander, and imagine our surprise when we came upon a View!

How does that happen. And then we came upon Mosquito Country.

There was nothing we could do except run like loons.

And then on the way home I am like, We are such healthy people, going for hikes. We are totally eating SALADS for dinner. But the radio, that trickster, is like, CHINESE FESTIVAL GOING ON IN CHINATOWN and we are like, Chinatown = foods.

also Hello Kitties in what I can only assume is life-size

But the foods on offer at the festival itself were surprisingly sparse, so we had ourselves a good old-fashioned sit-down. Eleanor was golden, unlike that baby over there.

I won't bore you with the details of what we ate.


blackbird said...

Eleanor IS golden.

Still a leetle sparse on the hair.

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

Joel looks good in a wrap. It compliments his figure.

alice c said...

I see Eleanor ordered her own broccoli.