Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Enemies on all sides.

Eleanor went swimming today and she was SO GOOD AT IT. Such splashing. Such cheerful noise-making! Such being held by a lifeguard!

But because I was in the pool with her, there are no photos. Alas. So you will have to content yourselves with this photo of her plotty feet.

And this photo of her trying to lick the camera.

And this photo of her playing her spoon-flute.

So sometimes when I'm feeding her, while I'm switching sides her thumb will make it's sneaky way into her mouth, and she'll suck on it for a second accidentally and then pull it out and look at it like, You traitor.

And then today, in her bath, she had just swirled her washcloth through the water and then brought it to her mouth and then took an enormous breath in through her nose and got water ERRRRWHERE up in her sinuses and was SO MAD, and so I gave her her washcloth (wrung out) to hold while I lotioned her up and she gave it the sternest talking-to.

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