Thursday, September 06, 2012

A busy week, this.

I have been remiss. It is time once again for a Bunch Of Things.

We went hiking again last weekend, with our friends Magnus and Chelsea and their dog, Seamus. Seamus is a Very Good Doggie who curled up in the back of our car and didn't even peek his head over the back seat until halfway through the drive, at which point Eleanor was like

and then she was like

but then later she was like

After the hike we went to the Highland Games, which seemed to consist mostly of tossing Various Household Objects either high (the bale of hay) or far (the rock on a chain). Also, caber toss.

Right? And then also we went to Ikea and got cinnamon buns and coffees for $2

and also other things that were not $2 and two of which we will have to return tomorrow (at which point I will be getting another cinnamon bun, believe you me). Happy baby was happy, and everyone cooed at the happy baby.

One day when we are ridiculous millionaires I will get Eleanor this ridiculous lamp for her room.

Right? But because we are whatever the opposite of millionaires is, I got her this from the thrift store for 50 cents.

I used to have that exact one, I'm sure. I also made a peach and basil salad with bocconcini.

It is getting chilly now, so I've started putting pants on the infant. She is obsessed with her belt.

And then today we dug out the box of Long-Sleeved Thing And Also Hats. She has a handful of hats, but this is my favorite.

You can't really tell, but it has ears.

In conclusion, I leave you with this series of photos of Eleanor And The Side Of The Freezer, without comment.


AmongAmidWhile said...

Do not stop with the E-face. So gorgeous, so funny.

blackbird said...

Excellent hattage.
Also the freezer.

Jaime said...

She is so wonderfully expressive. I always love the pictures you post! That one in the hat is a classic, the kind you save and torture her with when she starts bring boyfriends home.

Reading Rambo said...

If I could get 2-3 of these posts a day, that would be ideal.

Dude, all the baby hats with ears please. They are the greatest.