Monday, September 17, 2012

A quick summary.

So. Eleanor and I went home for a quick visit, and a week is not long enough to see ALL THE EVERYONES. So we saw my family, and we saw Joel's family and Eleanor's cousin Hazel (whom she tried very hard to eat)

and we saw Kelly and Eleanor's boyfriend Felix (whom she likewise tried to eat)

and we saw Robyn and Meredith (whom she sat placidly beside and did not try to eat

not because Mere is bigger than she is, but because she was busy with the table, thanks)

and then we saw this ear of corn.

You can tell how hard she's concentrating because her feeties are making little feet-fists.


rhapsodyinbooks said...

She is just so beyond cute, and it's so funny she seems to inherited your omnivorous habits! LOL

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

Eleanor looks like you in that picture with Meredith.