Monday, September 03, 2012

I dread the day when she knows what 'clinic' means.

We went for her six-month immunizations last week because I am prompt about medical things (wait. What is the opposite of 'prompt'?) and Eleanor isn't sentient enough to connect things like 'clinics' and 'immunizations' so at first she was all, I GET TO SIT IN A CHAIR BECAUSE I AM BIG.

And then the nice lady stabbed her with pins and she looked so betrayed and I was like, Uhh, here, have your immunization record, and she was like, Hmmmm...

and then she was like, *nom*

and then we went to the park where she was like

and also like


Reading Rambo said...

So glad she's enjoying the park now.

LibraryHungry said...

You don't know me from Adam, but I have to say that you might have the cutest kid in the world. Like, possibly cuter than mine, she's so cute. Insanely cute.

Kayleigh said...

She's really taken to that swing! I love how pumped she looks in the chair at the beginning.