Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We are the fittest.

Eleanor and I went to our first mommy-and-me exercise class (it's called....something. Fit Together or some other hideous pun) and I thought it would be, like, doing sprints with your stroller or some nonsense, but it's just an exercise class where you can put your baby down on a mat and there are toys and then you do your lunges and things and when your baby squawks you go and pat them or whatever, and the instructor is like, If your baby is fine then do your squats like this, but if you are holding your baby then do your squats like this.

no photos of the class, obviously, so please accept this photo of the osh kosh in lieu

Also, all the babies are, like, minutes old, which means that I am in better shape than most of the class because my baby is practically driving.

and this one of ole sock-hands. When that game gets old, I'll let you know

But not crawling! And this other little baby, Amelia, is totally crawling even though she's only 7 months old, and it is the slowest little army scootch that you will ever see but it is inexorable. And Eleanor is sitting there watching this and getting ideas, and Amelia is inching her way across the floor, and her mom and I are all *lunge* and *lift* and *curl* and *press* and Eleanor is babbling away at Amelia in, like, German (there's a lot of 'ja, ja, ja, ja' in it) and Amelia is scootching and Eleanor does this thing that she does all the time now where she holds a palm straight out like she's hexing you and goes 'Hnnnnnnnnnn!' and Amelia is like *scootch, scootch* and it's even odds these days as to whether Eleanor is going to pinch you or very gently stroke your face so I was sort of holding my breath but she very softly petted Amelia on the head and then they 'nyang nahng nahng nahng'ed at each other because as much as I think my baby is a special snowflake, I'm starting to realize how much Babies Of A Certain Age sound exactly like each other.


Anonymous said...

I can't find any Mommy and Me classes, but when we go to Library toddler story time it is a very similar thing where the boys are all WATCH ME SIDLE UP TO THIS PRETTY YOUNG THING and the PYT is all *eyelashes and giggles* and the boys are all YOU ARE NO LONGER INTERESTING LOOK THE LIBRARIAN LADY HAS BELLS *runs away.* Then the PYT has a sad. It is entertaining.

blackbird said...

oh, you don't want to rush the crawling...with the crawling comes the exploring. The Exploring is a whole new way of life and it will come soon enough.

Reading Rambo said...


I'm just gonna be saying the same stuff over and over, 'cause HER FACE. And then talk of adorable things. AND THEN HER FACE.