Friday, September 21, 2012

We are classy up in here.

A lot of the time we have casserole or stir-fry for dinner, because then the whole meal is one dish. But then sometimes we have what I like to call 'Pinterest food,' like these ciabatta toasts with ricotta, blueberries, and honey.

I feel like 'artisanal toasts' is experiencing a moment, and I, for one, can get on board.

Eleanor only got the blueberries because honey = botulism and I can't give her toast fingers ever since she got teeth because now she just bites off bits and more bits until her mouth is full and she gags and I am like, CHEW, child. Chew and swallow. But she was happy with her blueberries and her salmon and her pureed asparagus (she is going to have the grossest pee later) and also she has learned to drink out of her sippy cup.

She is the Ron-Swansoniest.

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