Saturday, September 08, 2012

Sometimes it backfires.

Do do you see that black food truck, just under the center orange block?

No, because it is so very far away? That's Alley Burger, one of twelve (TWELVE) food trucks at the Calgary Farmer's Market Sundown Chowdown, and for some reason we were like, Yes, this line-up seems reasonable.

This is how close we were, an hour and a half later, when they announced that they were out of burgers.

But we were so, so hungry, and all the other trucks had lines at least twenty minutes long, so we got Alley Burger's stupid poutine

and fine, it had a pleasing amount of cheese curds. But I wanted the BURGER with the cheese curds on it.

Eleanor spent the entire time in line amusing the young family in front of us.

Stop me if you've heard this one!

And you can't tell, because the photo is blurry, but she had her Crazy Eyes on all the way home.

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Jenn Sommersby said...

I love that baby. <3