Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eleanor Goes To The Fair (or, This Is Why I Had a Child)

Eleanor rides a pony.

Eleanor pats a goat.

Eleanor flees a large, belligerent sheep.

Eleanor pats a smaller, more phlegmatic sheep.

Eleanor watches the superdogs jump fences.

Eleanor pats a superdog.

Eleanor shares a bucket of fries with her daddy.

Eleanor rides a cow and makes motorcycle sounds.

Eleanor has her first mini donut, and immediately plots how she can get more.

Eleanor drives a fire truck.

Eleanor gets a paramedics tattoo from the paramedics.

Eleanor gets a slew of mardi gras beads from a couple of ten-year-old boys.

Eleanorus Rex falls asleep on the way home.


Constance said...

I think this blog could be a hard cover book. "A Day in the Life of Eleanor" (part of the reality series which includes "Eleanor Cooks" "Eleanor Quotes" "Eleanor Clothes")

blackbird said...

I still luff her.