Monday, August 12, 2013

Her day was goat-centric.

What's fun about when your kids start talking is that you get to see inside their heads and find out what parts of the day stick in there.

I brought up the fair today, and about how Eleanor rode a pony and ate a donut, and she thought for a minute and said, GOAT! And I was like, Yes, you patted a goat. And she was like, 'hniff, 'hniff, 'hniff, and sort of waved her hand at her neck, and I was like, Yes, he sniffed you in the neck.

And then she looked at me all appalled and was like, Skirt. And I was like, YES, he DID try to eat my skirt.

And then she shuddered and sort of patted me on the thigh, like, There there.


Tika Viteri said...

HAHAHAH that is awesome. I love it!

blackbird said...


Reading Rambo said...

I JUST went to a petting zoo and a goat tried to eat my dress, so I think they're into that.