Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's still very, very sunny.

You must excuse us, we are very busy and important people these days. Winter is coming, so we're trying to find all the Indoor Things To Do. We found the Children's Discovery Museum, which is just an enormous room full of toys.

This bit was mostly my doing.

Mostly, though, we've been poolside. Our neighborhood pool closed last weekend, so we spent most of last week up to our pint-sized armpits in it.

OR coloring on the pavement, and chalking up our bums.

That pink is just part of the swimsuit now.

We went to the Berry Barn on the weekend, but berry-picking season is apparently over. Dog season is in full swing, however.

As is wooden truck season.

We got a waffle on the way out, and you only get one trip to the toppings bar so Joel went pretty hard.

Eleanor was into it, obviously

and sometimes I like to recap the day with her, so on the way home I asked her if she'd had a waffle and she was like

Too right I did.

With our neighborhood pool closed, we've been going to King's River Landing, and despite a string of obscenely hot days, the morning Josie and I picked to walk down there with our kids, it was rainy and grey. We were like, Ugh, weather, and the kids were like, WE CAN FILL THESE BAGGIES WITH WATER.

Also, I know this is sort of the point of a garden, but food is growing in my yard.

Hooray for summer.

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