Sunday, August 25, 2013

Other Thoughts on Camping (Or: Eleanor Eats)

Eleanor helps set up.

Eleanor gets a ride to the lake because seriously, just leave the rocks.

Eleanor eats black beans from a camping mug.

Eleanor dances on the beach.

Snuggles begins to get really, really dirty.

Eleanor roasts a hot dog.

Eleanor eats a hot dog

and then some chili, because she cannot be trusted with chili dogs.

Eleanor doesn't care.

Raych makes a s'more after Eleanor has gone to bed, and eats it in peace.

Eleanor eats blueberries from a camping mug because she is too impatient to wait for morning skillet.

Eleanor eats skillet.

Eleanor eats her wrap like a proper human for, like, two seconds.

Eleanor reverts to her usual gustatory method of tearing things apart to make sure nothing suspicious has gotten in.

Eleanor eats a roasted marshmallow.

Eleanor is told to wipe her face, and is like, Wipe feets?

Eleanor is again told to wipe her face, and is like, Hat!

Joel roasts a marshmallow that looks like a roasted turkey.

Eleanor eats camping oatmeal.

Eleanor helps clean up so we can go home.

No she does not.


Amanda said...

Okay, you are FREAKING ME OUT because I am nearly positive that my Eleanor had those very same tennies.

Constance said...

Eleanor has such a great life.

Karen said...

Re opening up the wrap -- is there in fact anything she won't eat?? I love these photos. She is the awesomest.