Saturday, August 24, 2013

We did more at Waskesiu than just sleep.

Like, a lot more. Eleanor really got into the whole camping experience. She is much changed from last year's camping trip, but she still really really likes rocks.

Like, a lot. Any time you let her walk wherever you're going, you have to allow an extra time and and a half for her to be like, Hold up, here's a rock.

Also, hey, I found a stick.

We were camped a ten-minute walk from Waskesiu Lake, which is exactly like Cultus Lake only with fewer people and sandier beaches and no mountain run-off, so the water is actually WARM by August, and fun to be in.

Lake-weed: even better than sticks because it wobbles.

We were at the lake for large bits of every day.

It was absurdly idyllic.

On our one full day (like, neither the day we arrived nor the day we left) we went into town to check out the museum, which we'd heard was Not Bad.

It was free, so it was definitely worth the price.

It was really just a few rooms of Old Things With Explanatory Labels, Plus Chairs Eleanor Wanted to Climb On

and a homesteader shack BUT the shack is where we found out about the Nature Center, which was UHHHHMEZZZZZING.

This is how we got to the Nature Center, which (given the size of Waskesiu) was really unnecessary, but HILARIOUS.

So we walk into the Nature Center and there's a big stuffed bison (not real), and Eleanor is right away like, I bless you, bison.

And I am like, Don't touch (because that is your default response to your child touching something in public) and the staff member is like, No, it's ok, she can touch EVERYTHING in here.

Eleanor touches a (real [dead]) fish.

Eleanor hugs a (real [dead]) fox.

Eleanor wears a wolf-leg fur (with foot attached), about which she is uncertain.

She also poked her fingers in a stuffed beaver's eye, patted a stuffed bear, kept referring to a stuffed wolf as 'Georgie,' and wore a dear-face mask.

What I'm saying is, if you are ever in Saskatoon and feel like camping and have an animal-loving, super-handsy toddler, you want to go to the Nature Center in Waskesiu.

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