Saturday, August 03, 2013

These are going to be useless when we return to BC: Land of a Thousand Hills

Chicklets! Hello. We have been OUTRAGEOUSLY busy. Did I mention that we got bikes? WE GOT BIKES. Saskatoon is, after all, so flat.

Eleanor doesn't look like she's enjoying herself here, but she's mostly just miffed that we stopped.

See? She loves it. I don't take her out on the handlebar chair because I am not a confident cyclist (this is an extreme understatement) so we got a chariot (not, like, a Chariot chariot, because those are a thousand dollars, but an off-brand chariot. The costco chariot) and I haul her around town in that.

Having bikes has opened up our evening activities. Sometimes we hop on after dinner and scoot down to the double-decker bus for ice cream.

We also happen to live nearish a great gelato place.

Don't let the appearance fool you, although we first went there because it looked like a total dive, and that's the sort of thing I dig. Their noodles are also great, but their gelato was featured on CBC.

Eleanor concurs.

Last night we biked down to River Landing, which is a longish walk (you have to be walking it for the exercise, which Josie and I do [we also walk it for the chats]) and there's no good parking. It's a quick bike ride along the water, though, and they leave the splash park on late.

Today we were on our way back to that same splash park when we saw balloons and be-festooned trucks and a giant tomato with legs, so obviously we changed our plans and found the beginning of the parade. We got there just in time to settle down and pet some Eleanor-sized puppies

before we were beset by marching bands and fire trucks and horses.

But Eleanor's favorite was easily this troupe of dancing girls.

Hi, dancing girls!

The parade was only half an hour long, so we hopped back on our bike and made it to the park after all.

Splash splash.

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