Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Errrebody ALL WET.

After a certain number of hours you're supposed to bring your bike back in to have things tightened up, so we biked down to the Bike Doctor this morning in suspicious weather. We went for chili fries while we waited, and by the time we got back to pick my bike up, it was pouring.

Pictures of chili fries still on phone. Accept instead this picture of Eleanor solemnly eating deli soup.

It poured on us while I hooked the trailer back up, it poured on us while I got Eleanor in her helmet and got her belts done up, it poured on us all the way home. I could hear Eleanor back there the entire ride talking about all the things that had gotten all wet. 'Mama all wet. Mama bike all wet. Eleanor all wet. Eleanor pants all wet. Eleanor grey shoes all wet. Eleanor helmet all wet. Mama helmet all wet.'

What she's saying is, everything got all wet.

Like this, but not on purpose.

The guy at the bike shop had been like, I wonder how long it will last! Probably the fifteen minutes it takes us to bike home, I said. We pulled up to our garage mid-monsoon, but by the time I'd gotten Eleanor out of the trailer and spread everything out to dry, the rain had stopped completely.

We should have dawdled over our chili fries.


Constance said...

Aw... it's your first summer there. Learning how to outsmart Stoon weather. Here's to you my wet lovies.

Amanda said...

Sounds like she had a good time, anyway. :) Out of curiosity, how does your Eleanor pronounce her name? Mine said "Eh-neh-no" for the longest time but pretty much has the hang of it now.

Amy said...

I just can't get over how much she talks. I think my kids were just starting to put words together before they turned two. I love following your blog, and I think of the three of you whenever I see the EuroTrash food cart!