Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Go home, weather.

We've been doing fairly well dealing with this winter, I think, given our west coast origins. We aren't THRIVING, but we're coping, which is probably the best that can be expected of us.

And then on Sunday, it rained and rained. OH HOW IT RAINED.

And I didn't even mind, because I am from Vancouver we know from rain, and it is springtime and it's SUPPOSED to rain. That's how things grow.

And even though I checked the weather network and saw snow predicted for Monday, I looked at the clearing sky on Sunday night and thought, Maybe it precipitated itself out. I mean, it rained a lot.

And then we woke up Monday morning to snow, and more snow falling.

It was STICKING. And we were like, Ha ha this is fine, we can cope with this.

And we put on all of our gear and went to the park and did what we had to do.

And we've been painting and baking and reading and I've never hated the inside of my house so much, and yet never been so grateful for how much more space we have here, for our garage, for our den in the basement.

Joel was on call yesterday, and this morning I woke up to snow again, both on the ground and falling, and pregnant hairless cat says it best.

I just...I cannot. I am out of patience. I am out of resourcefulness. I am out of enthusiasm.

I am also, thankfully, out of snow.

This afternoon the sun came out, and the snow melted, and it was SO WARM.

I texted Josie all, WEATHERRRR, and it was the opposite of every other time I text her all, omg weather.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 14 degrees and mostly sunny, and I was kind of just hanging on until then, and I like to think I would have lasted but I'm grateful not to have had to chance it. Things got pretty murdery-feeling around here for a bit.

(If the weather network is lying, and it snows tonight, I will literally die.)


Reading Rambo said...

14 degrees is SO COLD HERE. Considering 32 is our freezing point.

I demand more Eleanor videos.

Vasilly said...

Where did you find the picture of the CAT?! Omg. You guys need to fly out here. It's hella out today 98 degrees, which is 36C. I was going to complain but nevermind. You guys are getting a seemingly never-ending winter.

Amanda said...

Ugh, I totally feel for you. It was wretched enough here in Toronto, I can't even imagine how bad it was for you guys. Especially having come from Vancouver! And being pregnant! Hang in there, it's bound to get better soon.

kt said...

My 16-yr old girlie & I adore your blog, E and your clan. Xxxooo