Monday, April 07, 2014

Let's ALL be muddy buddies.

We're bringing a Muddy Buddy Revolution.

No one in Saskatoon has muddy buddies. In daycares that I worked at in BC, all preschool-aged children (especially toddlers) were required to have one, or at least rain pants. But we have yet to see another one in Saskatoon, and moms keep asking me what it is and where I got it, and a woman got out of her car today to ask me about it.

Because it's primarily a rain suit, and Saskatoon isn't big on rain, so a suit for rain tends to be out of its ken. But the weather is creeping into the positive digits now, so it's too warm for snowsuits, and even though some of our playgrounds are still covered in snow, it's a WET AND MELTY snow, the kind that soaks into your jeans and makes everyone miserable.

The parks where most of the snow has melted...I mean...

It's a swamp. We bumped into another family today on our way to the park and the mom was like, Oh, you guys coming for a swim, too?

And it's not just that there's a three-inch-deep lake around the playing structures, it's that there's a three-inch-deep lake of melting ice, and it's not like you can go and splash and get soaked and it's all filthy fun. It's freezing and miserable and no one wants to walk home covered in ice melt, especially when it's actually only three degrees outside. It's warming up around here, but it's not warm.

The muddy buddy was a bit of a splurge, and a bit of a risk, but I regret nothing. It's the only reason we've been able to brave the parks around our house. We've been inside for six months, and if I had to wait another month until the snow melted and dried up, I'd murder something. We need to go outside, and we need things to do there. I mean, you can't spend all your time having picnics.


Anna {} said...

See, I am from the valley and have never heard of a muddy buddy. It looks brilliant.

blackbird said...

I've just realized that we had a muddy buddy, but it wasn't called that. And it was from Patagonia (not the place, the store). And I think it was $10,000.

But it was brilliant.