Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I feel like I haven't spoken to you in a while.

So! Hey. It's April. How about that. Remember how January was, like, three months long? And now March is completely over. Part of it is that we spent a week in BC, and another few days in Edmonton, and between packing and doing recovery-laundry that's half the month gone.

Part of it is that the weather has taken a few upswings and we're finally going outside On The Regular.

And part of it is that we have a c-section date scheduled and I'm like Egads we are having a baby. (Is it weird that I don't want to tell you what day it is, Internet? I mean, you know you. You're kind of a weird beast. I'll probably tell you, like, the day before. Or when I suddenly start blogging about my parents having shown up, you know the day is nigh.)

Anyway. I'm totally panicking now, because BABIES. They are so burdensome and unpredictable. And I have a finite (and specifically-numbered) number of mornings to sleep in past 7:00 (we all know I stopped sleeping through the night months ago, right? Stop telling pregnant women to enjoy all the sleep they're getting now because pregnant-woman-sleep is shitty and broken), and a finite number of afternoons to read my book and then make a leisurely supper while Eleanor reads her stack of library books and then peels some carrots for me.

I was talking to my sister today about nesting, and how nesting isn't that thing you do in your second trimester when you have all kinds of energy, it's all the stuff you do in your third trimester when you are like, Holy shit. So I have been DOING STUFF, and it's not all or even mostly baby-related. Most of it is Making Our House Feel Like A House We Live In, which I never really did in Calgary, and which I always regretted. Which is a long way of saying, I made a photo wall.

I KNOW, I know. two of those frames are empty. The photo lab screwed up my order and I didn't notice til I got home. I also made a Cousin Board for Eleanor out of the frame from a mirror that broke when we moved, and some fabric I found at the thrift store.

Eleanor gets delightedly deranged over photos, so she is pretty into all these developments. Whenever I'm changing her diaper she's all, What's THAT Eleanor and Hazel doing? And what's THAT Eleanor and Hazel doing? And I'm like, You tell me, because I have no idea what you're looking at.

I also bought Eleanor a duvet from the thrift store, and made a cover for it out of two sheets because duvet covers are expensive and second-hand sheets are cheap. I know some of you (BLACKBIRD) are over chevrons but I still dig them.

She needed a duvet because she'd been sleeping under a quilt my mom made her for her first birthday (you may recall) and she is now MUCH TOO LARGE for it.

Now I don't need to put her in two pairs of jammies anymore. I am ALSO doing baby-preparedness-related things...I mean, I bought a dresser. My mom will want to see it.

That's the best thing about moms, that they want to see pictures of the dresser you bought for your baby. It looks like it's grinning eight times over. I'm going to start stashing things like clothes and bottles and the bath chair in there, so I can start to get an idea of what I have and what I'd forgotten I have and what I thought I had but I actually borrowed from Robyn.

We went on a pre-baby date on Saturday because you can't just leave newborns with one of your husband's colleagues, but your toddler is TOTALLY FAIR GAME. Eleanor was very excited to have someone come to play specifically and only with her, and Joel and I were very excited to go out and eat a turducken burger.

Joel got the vegan gnocchi because he thought I'd be sharing more of my turducken burger with him, even though I TOLD him that he could have a few bites, but I wasn't going halvesies or anything.

And we got the chocolate strawberry creme brûlée, which was forgettable, and then the maple bacon donuts, which were UNREAL. I don't even LIKE cake donuts, but these were dense and chewy (probably from the bacon) and served with raspberry coulis and creme fraische.

I would go back to the Prairie Harvest Cafe just for those donuts.

ALL OF THIS TO SAY. Bring on April, and then bring on May, and then bring on another baby, I guess.


Constance said...

Has she really outgrown her blanket? So sooooooon! And yes that is a beautiful chest of drawers. I highly approve. I see peaceful closed eyelids on each drawer. Can't wait to head out your way to play.

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

I see nail clippings.

Sarah said...

You can read your book in the afternoon while your toddler reads too?? I have a 4 month old. Please tell me the actual date when this is going to happen.