Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our April showers are frozen ones.

It snowed today. I KNOW. I know. It's going to snow on my birthday, I know it, and I'm going to weep.

AND we were at the library when it started, so we had no choice but to walk the half hour home, with the snow driving into our faces, and Eleanor threatening to fall asleep despite it because she was up at 6:00 and me stopping every block to get her a new stick to wave around, to keep herself awake. It's days like today that I get home and can't believe I have to cook for and feed and put to bed a child before I can sit down. 

I almost didn't fully gear up on the way out the door this morning, because I keep looking at the calendar and not the weather report, and I'm hopelessly optimistic.

Look at that skirt. I keep trying to make spring happen. And you quickly forget how cold -30 is. It's above freezing for a few days and all of a sudden you're like, -8? This is bullshit. I'm dying in this.

Let's talk about something else. Oooh, let's talk about my garden. By which I mean my egg cartons full of seedlings. 

My squash plants are embarrassing everyone with their virility. I had to move them to their own pots so they stopped casting shade on my watermelon plants, and my lone cucumber plant. He needs to shake off his dirt! Eleanor says of each plant as he sprouts. And then, He needs to open his mouth! By which she means his two leaves. 

My tomato plants are tiny things. They look like they should be on an artisanal salad. I can't believe these are going to make food for me.

Eleanor continues to be delighted with the garden project, and with the library, and with her own two big strong legs. She went down a flight of (very shallow) steps today, by her OWN self, at her own insistence. She's going to develop a latent independent streak right as this baby is born, and it's going to give me grey hairs.

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