Monday, April 21, 2014

Seven and feeling lucky

Seven years ago today Joel and I were not winning any high jump competitions but hey, check out my garter.

This time last year we were living in Calgary and remember how bald Eleanor was in those days?

Sometimes we'd take jaunts to Drumheller with Aunty Boo and Uncle Darren to see the dinosaurs

and sometimes we'd go to BC where Eleanor had constant fever and rash and we were at the clinic like four times because we are never not sick when we go to BC.

And then the Bow River flooded and everyone we know was evacuated except for us.

And then we took a trip to Saskatoon to find a place to live because we were MOVING TO SASKATOON.

Which was too bad because Calgary had a truly amazing zoo

and we had some fantastic friends there. HOWEVER. Saskatoon has amazing festivals.

Many of which are food-based.

And we have a proper house here, with a garage and a garden.

And parks and pools just EVERYWHERE.

And some pretty alright friends here, too.

And we went camping and it was full of sunshine and dirt.

And then we went camping again and it was full of rain and mud and also a weird amount of elk.

And I did the Color Run and armpits are like color magnets.

And Tante Tina came to visit

and Grandma and Grandpa came to visit

and Eleanor took up piracy for an evening

but Joel and I ate all her pirated candy.

And then we visited BC but we missed our Early Morning Flight and had to take a Late Evening Flight and I thought Eleanor would lose her mind but she was actually great that entire trip and didn't get sick until the very last day.

And then it snowed and...just...winter forever.

That was a serious edge Calgary had on Saskatoon, the chinooks and the sudden weeks in January where it'd be 10 degrees out and all the snow would melt and you'd all get a reprieve. This year the only reprieve we got was the MUCH REQUIRED week we spent in Mexico.

Oh yes and also I got pregnant again. As one does. Look how reasonable-sized I am there.

And then we had Christmas and Eleanor turned two

and winter.

SUCH WINTER. So we went to BC where the winter is rainy but habitable.

And then to Edmonton where the winter is equally as bad but there are indoor things to do that we hadn't totally exhausted.

And then it began (slowly) to thaw and we could do things like ice skatering

but the PROCESS of a Saskatoon spring is simultaneously exhilarating and demoralizing. I am more exited than any of you about today's 14 degrees

but it's supposed to snow again on Thursday. And Sunday. MY GARDEN IS GOING TO LIVE ON THE WINDOW SILL FOREVER.

But. Seven years after we promised to always stay married, Joel and I have lived in six cities and made almost two other people, one of whom is amazing and one of whom needs to keep her pointy fetus elbows out of my kidneys, and are (most importantly) still married. Which is not nothing.


Jane said...

Seven years is definitely not nothing.

Amanda said...

Mega congratulations!

kt said...

Mazel Tov! Thanks again for reading of your adventures.

Jan said...

A terrific record, with terrific pictures. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date - I NEVER miss your posts!

Reading Rambo said...

I love this.

Tika Viteri said...

Congratulations, lovely one! Seven is definitely not nothing.